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grace & peace,

Happy Hallowformation day!

Ah yes, the end of October is finally here. Whether you're walking your kids around town collecting candy, passing out gospel tracts, or running the backyard games at your church tonight, I pray you enjoy today!

Not much going on here in other news. We officially have 2 weeks of class and then FINALS!

This weekend I am enjoying some peace, quiet, and just a little bit of homework since it is my first free weekend (besides working) that I've had in a longgg time. Thankfully the final stretch is finally here and I can't wait for school to be out!

Hello Fall Break! Goodbye...?

Fall break has come and fall break is about to wave its fair hand farewell.

With its leave, it is taking the summer humidity...yes!

As I write, school is going well. The going has been rough, but I still feel like I am above the water, even if I'm only barely breathing. Last month proved to be more than busy, and this month will beat it by a long shot. Tomorrow I'll be leaving Louisville w/ two girls from Boyce to help lead at a Discipleship Now retreat about an hour east of here (I think its east?). I'm excited for the opportunity to serve and it should be a great weekend! It seems to be God's timing to pull the seat out from under me this week so that I will have nothing hold on to besides Him. How humorous and humbling His timing can be in my life.

Lord willing I survive classes next week, Thursday I will depart from here w/ Riddle & Tony for......... wait for it... CHICAGO! :D I can't wait to see old friends and faces next weekend and to be with my whole family again for the first time in Chicago since we moved. More to come on that after this weekend.

For now enjoying the changing season. Here comes the end of another year...

Blessings from the Shire,

Detroit baby!

So, Aletheia is in Detroit for the weekend!

Today we were blessed to play for a conference at a local church here and we've pretty much been on the go since early this morning! Here is proof...

The good, the bad, the Illini...I mean ugly.

So, Ohio state didn't lose to Navy. Although, it was close. Darn it all.

And to make things worse. Illinois is losing to Missouri 30-9 at the start of the 4th.


So for the most part, there is no good about today. With 2 exceptions. Basically, we'll say Chicago.

First, some friends from my home church are in Louisville for the weekend visiting some of their family and they just happened to walk into the library while I was working! Talk about random. It was great to catch up with them though. Drew (the husband) is our college intern back home and he is a great guy. Unfortunately I left for Boyce right around when he started getting involved so we didn't get to hang out too much.

Second, Kelly. A high school friend is down for the weekend visiting Matt and I so we are bumming around the town enjoying the days together and reminiscing about our lame sauce high school memories. Kelly is an excellent pianist, and hopefully...just maybe... we will get to record before she leaves. Keep your eyes open! I may be working on 2 more tracks before I let my EP loose!


The best thing about life right now is playing ultimate frisbee tomorrow afternoon.

The 2nd best thing is I think I am surviving Greek.

The 1st worst thing is my job is giving me problems. Anyone know of anything good to check out?

How about this... here is a video of a wedding... I'm not saying I would ever do this, but I was watching it w/ one of my roomies and we did agree weddings should be more like this. Happier times. And he thought baptisms should be too! That got me thinking... I think he's right.

We're so content to sit back in silence as we see two people united in marriage. One of the most amazing gifts God has blessed us with. And we do the same when we see sinners saved! Granted, I'm not saying these things are not a happy occasion for us. They are. But are they...really?

Food for thought anyway... enjoy the vid! I know I did!

Here we go!

Here we go! Classes have begun and I'm already 2 down!

Its been a fun week and weekend getting the wheels turning in preparation for the semester. To be honest, as the summer began to wind down I was starting to feel pretty skeptical as to how this (my 4th) year at Boyce would go. But I'm pleased to say I am more than excited for everything that is coming!

One of those reasons is my music! Here is a lovely shot of my bud Josh laying down some sweet electric licks for some of my stuff over the weekend. I think I've finished most everything. Still need to touch up some vocal work, but its getting close... really close! Praise the Lord all the things I've needed to happen have fallen into place!

Ah yes... school books. Behold and love. And be jealous.

This is about the look on my face right now. Tonight I will be finishing up some last minute homework and learning the Greek alphabet. Then tomorrow I'll be working on a message for youth group Wednesday night. Then I can breathe! :D Don't get me wrong though... I am more than blessed for all the opportunities God has given to me both at school, church and in the music realm.

His grace and blessings are never ending!